Jushi Holdings ranks on the same level as Tesla as a high-performance stock

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The cannabis company is getting a great deal of support from stock market analysts

It is known that investment strategies are often a bit tricky, and sometimes, because a stock is overvalued, investors turn a blind eye, which can cause them to miss a great opportunity. If a company is able to sustain high growth rates over a good period of time, you could say that its potential must be extraordinary and this is something that should always be taken into account. Over the last 12 months, Jushi Holdings has seen incredible growth, something that has also happened with Tesla. At the moment, it has been reported that Jushi has been able to achieve a growth of at least 611% and this has caught the attention of many investors.

After three years of being founded as a start-up company, Jushi has managed to find the necessary tools to position itself as the absolute leader of the marijuana market in the state of Pennsylvania. Today, it could be estimated that at least 18% of the market share by sales volume in the state belongs to this company, and there is no doubt that this percentage will grow even more as time goes by.

2022 was a very successful year for the company, with total sales of $80.8 million representing a staggering 690% increase year over year. In order to expand, during the last quarter of last year, the company undertook the task of acquiring three new dispensaries while opening three new stores. As a result, Jushi now has 17 stores under its name, with 10 to 12 additional openings planned by the end of the year.

More than 600 new customers are attracted to its stores every day, due to the high quality of its brand of flowers, concentrates, and cannabidiol (CBD). Based on all of their current earnings, investors are more than satisfied and are getting a fair deal for their shares, paying 12 times earnings for an estimated growth rate of 219%.