Jointly wants to know why and how cannabis users consume

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Data from 200,000 users is going to go a long way to understanding cannabis consumption

Different researchers have made use of an application called Jointly to learn how, when and why consumers choose to try marijuana. The specialists analyzed information obtained from more than 200,000 marijuana users’ experiences to better understand what consumers want.

The researchers conducted this study with the intention of demystifying “intentional and intentional” cannabis use across the country. According to the authors, data from these experience logs were used as the basis for the report. “This report reveals distinct consumption trends that product manufacturers and retailers can use to capitalize on the US legal cannabis market that is projected to reach over $57 billion by 2030,” they stated.

Around 140,000 sessions recorded in the app noted physical activity, time of day, sleep duration, time since last use, hydration levels, hunger levels and side effects. Approximately another 120,000 included diet quality, information on the type of exercise, type of food consumed during the session, environment, and presence of companions.

The report released last year found that two out of five users reported that their cannabis use saw an increase during the COVID-19 pandemic. It also found that flower was the most commonly used type of product among users.

This was followed by vapes and dabs as the second and third most used products, respectively. These three inhalable forms account for 92% of the reported consumption sessions.

While it is true that flowers are more popular, the study suggests that those looking for specific results prefer the standardization and sophistication of manufactured products. As for processed marijuana products, the report claims that beverages were “rated very highly for helping consumers achieve their goals.”

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