Jim Belushi: Marijuana can heal families

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The actor and comedian fully understands the power of marijuana

Jim Belushi is a full-blown marijuana enthusiast. He has his own farm in Oregon where he legally grows medical marijuana and even has his own brand, Private Vault. Not only does he recognize the medical benefits marijuana provides, but he also feels that marijuana can heal in other ways, too. He states that marijuana can help bring families together.

Belushi told The Stranger, “Cannabis is great for helping Alzheimer’s, people struggling with PTSD [post-traumatic stress disorder], people struggling with trauma, it also enhances the sound of music. It sparks creativity. It enhances the taste of food. It enhances the touch of your lover’s skin. It also gives you euphoria, a sense of joy, and a higher consciousness. So there’s wellness all across.”

The owner of “Belushi’s Farm” views marijuana as a medicine – the same way some view pharma-created compounds as medicine. More and more studies are proving that marijuana has a myriad of traits that allow it to be used to treat an ever-growing number of ailments – including cancer, epilepsy and chronic pain – and more studies reveal almost on a daily basis new positive results.

Where Belushi also sees great opportunity with marijuana is in the family. He told the magazine, “The number one fear of life is death and the second is the collapse of family. Many people come from collapsed families, whether it’s divorce or a disease in the family that broke the family up, whether there’s a death like in my family, a loss of business, all of these people need some kind of medicine.”

He might be onto something.

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