Jim Belushi finds his happy place – a pot farm in Oregon

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The actor has a large grow farm on his Eagle Point estate

Jim Belushi is a talented actor and singer and, apparently, a talented horticulturist. The Saturday Night Live actor owns Belushi Farm, a 93-acre estate near Eagle Point, OR and has taken to growing marijuana. The estate is home to a 22,000-square-foot grow farm that is licensed by the state.

The 64-year-old began his marijuana endeavor in earnest three years ago when he started a 48-plant medical marijuana farm. Since then, it has expanded into a large enterprise, complete with greenhouses, equipment and a full staff. It’s more than just a hobby to him; it’s a full-fledged business and he plans on being a serious component of the industry.

Last week, Belushi hosted a harvest party at his estate. 500 guests were present, 490 of which were smoking marijuana, according to actor. That harvest party was designed to support his own brand – Private Vault – which can now be found in a number of dispensaries around Southern Oregon. The brand contains “Captain Jack’s Gulzar Afhanica” and Cherry Pie – one of Belushi’s favorites.

Belushi has different opinions regarding how marijuana can prove to be beneficial as medicine. Regarding his own relationship with the plant, he says it is like how flowers attract bees and how certain flowers actually assist the bees in extracting all the pollen they can. He says, “I feel like that bee that is brought in and held until I get everything about it. It has come really deep into my heart, my body and my spiritual nature. It’s brought me to the medicine. It’s brought me full circle to my brother John.”