Jerry Garcia gets a posthumous cannabis brand

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The Grateful Dead artist was a long-time cannabis supporter and now has a line of products in his name

Jerry Garcia, the late singer of The Grateful Dead, is getting a cannabis brand launched in his name posthumously. Garcia Hand Picked (GHP) products are now rolling out, thanks to Garcia’s daughter, as a tribute to the artist.

“He would be so excited.
So proud. And [that it’s] like [saying] a big f@#* you to the man,” shared Trixie Garcia, Jerry’s daughter and spokesperson for the Garcia family, in an exclusive phone interview. “When Nixon attacked the anti-war protestors by making the drug war happen — we know that the stereotypes were artificially implanted against long hair hippies, pot smokers, and Black people. We won’t stand for that anymore. We want to uplift the stereotypes and heal some of those wounds. We’ve always worked to create a society that we want to be a part of, and are a part of, instead of being outcast from.”

Trixie revealed her plans for Garcia Hand Picked (GHP) last December at the Home for the Holidays show celebrating Jerry. “It’s always risky,” admitted Trixie, now 46. “Like, people are going to say, ‘Oh man. They’re exploiting Jerry again.’ No. That’s [our family’s] number one thing — don’t offend the fans. Don’t offend the people that Jerry means so much to. That’s the worst thing we’d ever want to do, so we lead with that always.”

Garcia’s family believes that he would be happy with the decision to launch the cannabis brand. After all, Jerry told Rolling Stone in an interview in 1972, “I was 15 when I got turned on to marijuana. Finally, there was marijuana: Wow! Marijuana!

Me and a friend of mine went up into the hills with two joints, the San Francisco foothills, and smoked these joints and just got so high and laughed and roared and went skipping down the streets doing funny things and just having a helluva time.”