Jeff Sessions out as US AG, the marijuana world rejoices

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The top cop in the US gives up his job

Jeff Sessions, the nation’s Attorney General (AG), “voluntarily” resigned yesterday – with a little prodding from President Trump. Sessions, a Trump loyalist, was single-handedly pointed out as the man that was preventing further marijuana research and expansion in the US and his ouster – combined with Trump’s previous commitment to introduce marijuana legislation – should go a long way to seeing the implementation of federal marijuana guidelines.

The departure of the AG has already had a positive impact on the marijuana industry. As soon as news broke that he was cleaning out his desk, marijuana stock prices started to rise. Some stocks, such as Tilray, saw their prices jump by 30%. Canopy Growth and Aurora saw 8% increases following the news.

This has been a good week for marijuana proponents. Three new states have approved marijuana legislation. Michigan will allow recreational marijuana use and both Missouri and Utah voters approved medical marijuana. In Texas, Representative Pete Sessions, who isn’t related to the former AG except in their opposition to marijuana, lost his seat in the House. Pete Sessions routinely voted against marijuana amendments.

Jeff Sessions once proclaimed that “good people don’t smoke marijuana,” asserting that it was nothing more than a gateway drug. He even argued that it could lead to an increased opioid epidemic, an assertion that has already been completely negated by recent research. His ouster is certainly going to be the subject of the death of anti-marijuana policies for centuries.