It’s possible to treat a toothache with CBD

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The cannabis compound offers a number of benefits to eliminate excruciating pain

If you are looking for relief from that toothache that keeps you awake at night and the only thing you have on hand is your bottle of cannabidiol (CBD) oil, give it a try. It may very well get you out of this urgent predicament. Also, if you can’t get an immediate appointment with your dentist, CBD may be able to ease the painful wait until you can visit a professional.

Most of the time the cause of a toothache is inflammation of the pulp of the tooth. The pulp is a tissue that lies just below the enamel. Any crack or break in the enamel caused by a blow, recent treatment, or decay infection will leave the pulp of the tooth exposed and unprotected, so it is likely to become infected.

CBD is an analgesic and anti-inflammatory cannabinoid. If you are in the middle of a dental crisis and are looking to get rid of your toothache at home naturally without resorting to drugs that can have harmful effects on your body, you can reduce inflammation and soothe a toothache with CBD oil.

Moreover, not only will it help you soothe toothache quickly, but CBD is a good complement to your daily oral hygiene. To relieve phlegmon, to reduce gum inflammation, as a complement to your periodontitis treatment, and much more.

You can play with how to apply it depending on what kind of oral pain you suffer from. Whether it’s on the front of your teeth, or if it’s wisdom teeth pain. In any case, to relieve inflammation, start by administering CBD sublingually to increase its bioavailability in your body and get it into your bloodstream faster.

To help deflate and soothe the burning of your gums if you suffer from gingivitis, you can complement your treatment with CBD oil mouthwashes. Sometimes, it is advisable not to even touch the affected or sore area. CBD capsules, oils and edibles can be consumed to avoid direct contact, but these methods take longer to take effect compared to sublingual administration.

Cannabis toothpaste is starting to hit the market, as well. Of course, you can make your own CBD-rich formula by adding a drop of your favorite CBD oil to your regular toothpaste.

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