Investing in cannabis in a down market can provide big rewards

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There is huge potential growth in the cannabis market for investors to exploit

With the economic jitters of the past few weeks, investors around the world are looking over their shoulders for the shadow of an impending down market. But, even if the market begins to fall steadily, long-term success is still possible with diligent and consistent buying, assuming you choose stocks that will perform better over time.

In cannabis stocks, picking winners when the market is booming is quite difficult. And with cannabis legalization underway in the US, there will still be plenty of potential for revenue growth regardless of how the market performs. It is always of utmost importance to be able to research a company before making a respective investment so that you can learn the market patterns of marijuana stocks and determine the best position available. Currently, there are two stocks that look very promising before the week comes to an end.

The first is Innovative Industrial Properties, Inc., one of the only real estate investment trusts with a primary focus on the US-licensed cannabis market. In the latest May report, the company listed as owning a total of 72 properties in 19 different states across the country. The company has not tired of continuing to close acquisitions as part of its growth and expansion strategy. It has finalized transactions in states such as Massachusetts and Pennsylvania, expanding its leasing portfolio significantly in 2021. The first quarter was great, with total revenues estimated at $42.9 million, an increase of 103% year over year.

On the other side is Canopy Growth Corporation, which is considered one of the most relevant producers and distributors of cannabis and cannabis-derived products in Canada. Its cannabis products market is mainly focused on countries such as Canada and the United States, also having a presence in the old continent with Germany. Several important agreements have been closed lately, taking this company to a position never seen before.