Invest in marijuana by investing in the beverage industry

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There’s a safer way to get in on the ground floor of marijuana investments

Deals involving marijuana companies are flying right and left every day of the week. There’s constant talk of one company making a deal with another for an acquisition or a seemingly unattached company getting into the marijuana industry. One of the most logical combinations is the possibility that Altria, maker of the Marlboro cigarettes, could be considering a move into marijuana. However, all of the talk is causing crazy things to happen with marijuana stocks and prices continue to fluctuate substantially. For those that want to get involved in the marijuana stock market but aren’t ready to take the leap of faith, there are other alternatives.

One of the biggest upcoming industries within the marijuana ecosystem is the beverage industry. There are already several beverage companies, including Pepsi, Constellation – the company behind Corona Beer – and Coca-Cola that are either in or are considering entering the marijuana space. These companies have a solid track record in the markets, which makes it relatively easy to gauge their performance in order to ascertain a proper level of investment. Additionally, their expanded operations, if and when they get into marijuana, will give investors an extra dividend as their share prices almost definitely will explode.

The marijuana beverage industry is expected to reach $600 million in the U.S. within the next four years. The entire marijuana industry is expected to be worth around $75 billion within the next decade and beverages are going to command a significant part of the market. By putting money into the beverage companies now, investors will be more prepared for the growth explosion and can expect to see significant returns through their long-term investments.

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