Interstate cannabis commerce is poised to boost the industry

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California, Washington and other states are pushing for interstate cannabis commerce

2023 looks to be the year of cannabis, as its growing social acceptance has changed dramatically since the industry’s early days, encouraging the sector’s prospects. From coast to coast, interstate commerce could reshape the US marijuana market. No matter what you want or where you want it from, the type of cannabis on your wish list could be much easier to get if interstate commerce became a reality.

DNA Genetics president Rezwan Khan says he would rather see an open cannabis market in the country than the current situation. Companies involved in the industry are limited to marketing their products only within the state where they operate and that keeps the sector from growing as well as traditional industries do.

“At the heart of everything, we live in a country where we’re supposed to be able to, as consumers have access to products that are the best products in our country, whether it’s maple syrup from Vermont, or oranges from California or Florida, or avocados from California, or cheddar cheese from Wisconsin,” Khan added. While the idea is even supported by constitutional law, the illegal framework at the federal level makes the process complicated to establish.

Different experts have met to discuss what possible benefits the industry could gain if interstate commerce were created. Both California and Oregon have approved two related measures, but they cannot yet go into effect.

Experts say the benefits would be environmental and economic. For example, trapped West Coast growers would have some freedom to expand out of a saturated market and sell their cannabis to customers in other states.