“Innovation in Cannabis” scholarship program pays students to study cannabis

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Students can earn a $20,000 scholarship from Veriheal for a career in cannabis

The importance of having adequate knowledge about cannabis has increased as the industry has begun to grow quite significantly in recent years. That is why Cannatech’s healthcare company, Veriheal, has decided to provide a $20,000 cannabis innovation scholarship for students who are interested enough to pursue cannabis-related degrees.

This scholarship program was actually first launched last year, but at that time only half of the current amount was awarded. Veriheal co-founder and co-CEO Joshua Green said, “With this scholarship fund, we’re putting $20,000 directly into the hands of a new generation of innovators who will help shape the future of our industry. The cannabis category is growing at an extraordinary rate, and there are many complex problems that must be solved across all sectors, from finance and technology to science and education. At Veriheal, we’re fortunate to be in the position to support budding entrepreneurs from all walks of life and bring diverse, fresh perspectives to the cannabis field.”

High school seniors and college students interested in qualifying for this scholarship should pool as many ideas as possible and submit a 1,000+ word essay detailing how they could improve the current cannabis industry. Based on the performance of these essays, the winners will be chosen and subsequently informed. There are no restrictions on majors and concentrations of study, and the deadline to apply and submit essays is July 30 at 5 pm EST.

Maha Haq, who was one of last year’s recipients of the award, is a true example of how this program really brings benefits. After receiving various studies and degrees related to cannabis, Haq founded Cannaclub, a group focused on education and promotion for the next generation of cannabis users.