Industrial cannabis cultivation is getting a boost from artificial intelligence

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AI and machine learning are producing more efficient and process cultivation practices

Over time, many industries have been forced to implement new technology innovations to keep their products or services performing well. Part of the innovation acquired for at least the last ten years is machine learning and artificial intelligence (AI). This takes the technology to a much more advanced level when it comes to automation, precision and productivity of industrial processes and the cannabis industry is no exception at all.

In an environment where the production of a product can be totally affected by problems of temperature or concentration of the product itself, AI could become an important key in the proper cultivation of industrial cannabis. Nowadays, AI has gained importance in the technology industry, giving enough benefits and advantages to be constantly taken into account when it comes to the development of other industries, whether retail, waste management, or manufacturing, which is where it is considered to have more relevance.

In manufacturing, almost every single mechanical task can automatically be identified, managed and monitored by AI, and, thanks to its processing capabilities, AI can also be used as a quality checker for every single product that reaches the final stage of inspection. Therefore, if a mistake is found, it can be notified right on time.

The cannabis retail chain can get large benefits out of this machine learning process. It’s well known that cannabis cultivation normally requires too much energy and in order to ensure a certain quality of the harvest, close control is always needed. There’s when the AI solution can help cannabis cultivators optimize their production processes by including a combination of high-resolution sensors, management systems, and automated monitoring.