Indie alt-rock group Rainbow Kitten Surprise launches its own cannabis product

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The rock band has introduced its own resin vaporizer cartridge

Rainbow Kitten Surprise announced it is partnering with Green Dot Labs to create a limited-edition live-resin vaporizer cartridge. The indie alt-rock groups’ “THAT’S MY S#!T” cartridge was named one of the groups songs. According to Green Dot CEO Alana Malone, bassist Charlie Holt approached the company after trying a vaporizer pen made in a similar partnership for Sound Tribe Sector 9. Malone said Green Dot was thrilled to be collaborating with another band. Input from RKS members on which strains and terpenes were used to create the custom resin cartridge, according to Malone.

“We have a discovery process where we go through each party, and we really try to learn and explore their history with cannabis, and all the various flavors and effects that they’ve appreciated in their time using cannabis,” she explains. “And then we talk about what we’re looking for in a product: what type of energy we want it to bring, and what the flavors and effects are for that.”

The band worked on profile they thought would match the fall season, using notes of diesel fuel, lilac, soil and fresh pumpkin, leading users toward a “nice cross-section of calming and uplifting,” Malone continued.
“The GDL team shares our passion for cannabis as a source of creative inspiration and deep connection,” the band’s bassist says. “Our THAT’S MY S#!T carts have been in heavy rotation while we record new music during quarantine, and we hope everyone will enjoy this release as much as we have.”