Increasing percentage of California marijuana deemed safe, but not so in Massachusetts

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Marijuana quality continues to impress in California, while Massachusetts pulls a dispensary’s license

Continued testing of cannabis in legal states is going to ensure that consumers are protected. The action is already showing positive results and California is seeing an improvement in the quality of marijuana being distributed. On the opposite side of the country, however, Massachusetts was forced to shut down a medical marijuana dispensary because it was growing cannabis that violated cultivation laws.

According to routine tests in California since mandatory testing began in July, the state’s marijuana quality has improved by about 14%. During the first two months following the implementation of the mandatory tests, 20% failed, but that number has now declined.

Edibles and tinctures in The Golden State continue to have the most difficulty complying with regulations. 26% of the samples recently tested failed; however, this was better than the 33% that didn’t pass scrutiny in July and August. California Bureau of Cannabis Control’s Alex Traverso asserts, “With any new rules, there’s always going to be a period of adjustment that takes place. The cannabis industry in California adapts pretty quickly, and I think that’s what we’re seeing with these lower fail rates in testing. That’s encouraging.”

California has had to drop the hammer on one testing facility for non-compliance. Analytical Labs was forced to surrender its license last month after regulators determined that it was not adhering to guidelines when testing for pesticides. As a result, all products that had been tested by the facility were forced to be pulled from the shelves.

Traveling east to Massachusetts, where recreational marijuana is only just beginning to get rolling, regulators have just shut down a medical marijuana dispensary operating in Plymouth and Mashpee. A cease-and-desist order was given to M3 Ventures by the state’s Department of Public Health over concerns that the company was using incorrect pesticides at its cultivation facility. 

M3 has been closed “until further notice.” The company asserts that its grower believed it was using the right material, but apparently needs a refresher course on what is and what isn’t accepted.