Ignite launches Twitch channel

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The channel will include features, testing and almost everything cannabis

A few days ago, Ignite announced that it was launching a new channel on the streaming platform Twitch. The channel is designed to provide a glimpse into the “life inside the premium cannabis company” owned by flamboyant partier and former poker player Dan Bilzerian. It will provide a variety of shows, including testing of cannabis and cannabidiol (CBD) products, cannabis education, exercise shows and more.

The livestreams will be available every Monday, Thursday and Friday from 3-4 PM Pacific Time. The first episode has already run, a tour of Bilzerian’s House, which garnered 119,222 views.

Every Thursday and Friday, “The Blaze” will be available. According to the channel’s description, the Blaze “… will take you on field trips to budtender events and grows while Josh Carranza, Ignite’s Cannabis Professor, shares the latest cannabis and CBD information and technology. Each week we’ll invite special guests and take the audience on a fun and educational ride.”

Bilzerian will appear, in addition to other shows, in “The Workout” every Monday. The show follows Bilzerian’s workout routine and will include “guests to gain the benefits of cannabis, CBD and working out.”

Bilzerian founded Ignite, a cannabis company that offers a range of cannabis and CBD products, in Los Angeles two years ago. According to a press release, “Ignite has built the world’s first super-premium cannabis lifestyle brand, currently for sale in Dispensaries across California with the company’s CBD products sold nationally online. From packaging and branding, to what’s inside, Ignite delivers at the highest caliber of levels never before seen in this new industry and builds on the foundation that trust and quality truly matter.”