Ice Cube becomes the latest celebrity to get into cannabis

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The rapper and Hollywood celebrity launches his own cannabis line

Hollywood celebrity and rapper Ice Cube has recently launched, for limited distribution, his own brand of high-quality marijuana flower buds, which he affectionately calls Fryday Kush. It’s a play on words from the popular Friday trio of movies and the buds are “THC-infused” cannabis flower buds that are otherwise known as moonrocks or premium quality buds coated with kif.

The buds are from a California-based company called Caviar Gold, which seems intent on producing the strongest marijuana flower products available. Fryday Kush reportedly contains 46.2% tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) and 10.78% cannabinoid (CBD). For now, distribution will be limited only to legal marijuana dispensaries in the states of Arizona, California, Nevada and Oklahoma, although expansion is on the table.

Ice Cube joins a growing list of celebrities who are getting into the marijuana business with their own brand names, including Jay-Z (Monogram), Method Man and Snoop Dog, whose product is called Leafs by Snoop. Even Snoop Dog’s friend Martha Stewart is starting her own line of CBD products.

Legendary country music star Willie Nelson has long since started his own brand known as Willie’s Reserve, which features a line of cannabis-infused chocolates fabricated by his wife Anne. Although Bob Marley was long-since gone when it was introduced, there is a Marley brand, Natural cannabis flower, on the market in California and Washington.

Tommy Chong started small way back in 2015 in Colorado with one small shop. Now, half of the Cheech and Chong fame has his own brands available in most Western states known as Chong’s choice. His old partner in comedy has launched his own brand known as Cheech’s Private Stash.

However, this new line of Caviar Gold may well top them all for quality and performance. Ice Cube tweeted about his new product, “We got cones, high potency buds, and some of the strongest nugs on the market.”