Humboldt Chocolates – California’s sweet CBD solution

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Humboldt Chocolates partners with a local cannabis company

While the idea of chocolates infused with cannabidiol (CBD) is not new, it is gaining a larger following as chocolate lovers – and cannabis lovers – merge together to indulge their habits. Humboldt Chocolate, a chocolatier in California, joined forces with a cannabis company, Emerald Family Farms, to create a line of CBD chocolate sensations that will make your mouth water.

The team has created three new chocolate edibles – Sativa Bites, Citrus Bites and Mindica Bites – under the Humboldt Chocolate Bites line. Each has its own unique flavor and dosage, appealing to a range of cannabis consumers. Humboldt’s president, Jonah Ginsburg, explains, “I have experimented with various chocolate, flavors and extracts in order to develop a product that I am happy with. We wanted to make sure we had a homogenous product. So someone can eat half of it and get half of the dosage. We believe it should be evenly distributed.”

The partnership didn’t occur by accident. Ginsburg has been friends with the chief operating officer of Emerald Family for over five years. He adds, “We spoke years ago about a possible collaboration but weren’t in a good place for it. It was important that, if we were going to do this, that we kept it local. I couldn’t do it any other way and wouldn’t want to. I’m excited and happy about this new collaboration.”

Eventually, the new line will be expanded to include larger chocolate bars. However, for now, the two companies are happy with the direction they’re headed and the progress they’ve made.

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