Human trials on cannabis for treating PTSD about to get underway

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The long-awaited research will conclusively determine the benefits of cannabis on PTSD

People suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) might soon have another treatment option, thanks to a company specializing in finding the most effective treatment for the disorder. Allied Corp. confirmed that it had begun the planned human clinical trials that are already in the first phase of the research. A few days ago, the company stated that it started a new project alongside MGC Pharmaceuticals Ltd, a company based in Europe.

This initial phase of the clinical trial will focus on testing things like safety, dosage and side effects of the new drugs on healthy subjects. For this, Allied examines the interaction that certain cannabinoids have against PTSD, which the company is considering as a possible natural and pharmaceutical treatment. Allied also produces hemp-based products, but treating PTSD is at the top of its priorities.

British Columbia-based Allied runs a charitable foundation called Allied Charitable Foundation to offer veterans and first responders holistic treatments for PTSD. The goal is to prevent suicide risk among military veterans, which can happen often if the disorder is not treated properly. In addition to the trials, the company has also created a facility in Quadra Island, where veterans can join support networks and practice yoga, breathing techniques and even mediation to help ease the condition.

There has been more evidence published about the potential of cannabis to treat PTSD. In November of last year, the University of British Columbia and the BC Center on Substance Abuse presented research that showed that patients using cannabis were less likely to have suicidal thoughts or enter into severe depression.