How marijuana will impact the upcoming midterms

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As the election date closes in, the marijuana discussion heats up

The increased attention on the marijuana industry is causing politicians to finally take notice. As states around the country take to the polls on November 6, the possibility of legalized marijuana continues to be one of the most talked about topics. A number of states have ballot measures that could ultimately determine how the federal government swings on the topic.

Voters in North Dakota and Michigan are going to decide if recreational marijuana use should be permitted. In Missouri and Utah, the possibility of legalized medical marijuana use is almost guaranteed. Depending on how the states decide, a positive response would indicate that 70% of all Americans favor medical marijuana.

Those votes could have an impact on an $867-billion farm bill. The bill covers food stamps, agricultural research and rural development, but could also cover cannabis. A version of the bill passed by the Senate this past June would pave for the way for federal approval of cannabidiol (CBD). CBD has already been shown to have a myriad of positive health benefits and acceptance at the federal level will go a long way to seeing marijuana legalized across the entire country.

On the Republican side of politics, support for marijuana has grown, but it still sits at less than 50%. Since the Republicans are expected to maintain control of the Senate, there are concerns that they will continue to suppress marijuana legalization. However, President Trump has previously stated that he’s behind marijuana – it was even part of his presidential campaign platform – so there’s a possibility that he will try to use his influence to change minds on Capitol Hill.

The elections are only a week away and all eyes are watching to see what’s going to happen. While the chances are good that marijuana will receive its rightful place, no one expects an immediate turnaround. However, with some clever political action, it’s very possible that marijuana will be legalized by the end of next year.