How to use CBD to tame a cannabis high

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Be careful with the dose to get the best effect

If someone feels that they have consumed a little too much marijuana, cannabidiol (CBD) is often recommended as a way to counter the reaction. While the premise remains intact, science is showing that there’s more to it and consumers need to gauge their CBD intake to receive the desired results.

It’s well known that tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) leads to a feeling of being “high.” In order to bring consumers down, CBD can be taken, but it may not always work if it isn’t administered appropriately. A stronger high can occur if a too-little dose is taken, meaning that a larger dose might be the best solution.

400mg of CBD is considered a high dose and scientists assert that this is the level that needs to be sought to reverse the effects of THC. In a recent test, participants reported feeling more high when they were administered a dose of only 4mg, but the 400mg dose did the trick.

Of course, the actual amount can vary based on the individual. It’s important to consider body weight and how often marijuana is consumed and, according to Leafly’s neuroscientist Nick Jikomes, “As with any other medication, it is best to start on a low dose and increase gradually over weeks. When the optimal dose is exceeded, there may be a point at which you see the benefits start to diminish (increased side effects or increased seizures).”

On its own, CBD is non-intoxication. However, the reaction after a low dose of CBD could come from a number of sources. According to the scientists, “It is likely that these dissociating effects were rapidly induced by vaporization of this compound, delivering CBD with high bioavailability to the bloodstream and hence central nervous system, although this is likely also confounded by dose. The high-dose CBD condition induced significant coughing; as such, participants were aware that they were being administered an active condition (as opposed to the ease of inhalation of ethanol-flavoured air in the placebo condition). The changes in intoxication might, therefore, be surmised to be a placebo effect.”

If you’re concerned about becoming intoxicated from marijuana consumption, ingestible CBD products could be the solution. Inhaling CBD strains or concentrates might not produce the results you expect. Alternatively, if you’re looking for a little intoxication, vaping CBD-rich oils might be the best option.