How to travel with cannabis bongs and other paraphernalia

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More states are embracing cannabis, but traveling can still be a problem

Traveling with marijuana paraphernalia is completely legal. A bong packed in a checked bag is not likely to raise a flag, even with small amounts of resin. Still, it’s best to follow a few tips to ensure your experience is a good one and you arrive with your items safe and sound.

Start by wrapping some clothing around the most delicate parts of the bong and make sure there is enough clothing or cotton around the bong parts to serve as an adequate cushioning material. The cushioning material will end up helping you when your container or storage bag is mishandled.

You can travel with most cannabis accessories, such as bongs or pipes. If you want to travel with a vaporizer, you must remove the battery and it can only be in your carry-on luggage. Needless to say, you cannot smoke cannabis on a plane or in the airport.

If you’re traveling overland, keep your bong in a backpack or purse if you’re walking somewhere and keep it in your trunk if you’re driving. While a glass bong by itself is not necessarily illegal, it may attract attention you don’t want. Legally, drug paraphernalia is anything used primarily to manufacture, conceal or ingest drugs.

Also, by carrying your bong in the trunk, you can avoid taking it out to use while driving. Remember that different strains have psychoactive effects that you definitely want to avoid while driving your car. It’s better to wait until you get to your destination and enjoy that cannabis vacation you’ve been looking forward to.