How to store marijuana long-term

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These tips can come in handy for occasional cannabis users

Sometimes, it becomes necessary to put the marijuana supply away for a while. Perhaps an extended vacation or a health issue prevents consumption, but there’s no need to throw away a perfectly good bag of marijuana. It can be stored for short or long periods of time and scientists have been working to determine how best to keep the supply fresh. They have finally come up with the answer.

A study out of Italy has revealed that, when needing to store marijuana for an extended period, the best solution to keep it fresh without compromising the various compounds is to store it in the freezer. They studied a number of different scenarios and reactions, analyzing 24 cannabis samples over four years under different controlled conditions that provided varying degrees of light, temperature and oxygen.

Reviewing the cannabinoids, such as cannabidiol (CBD), tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) and cannabinol (CBN), after the four-year period revealed some interesting facts. If marijuana is stored at room temperature, the level of THC drops rapidly. If refrigerated, the result is the same, but not as drastic. When frozen, however, THC is unaffected. Curiously, CBD levels didn’t change regardless of the conditions.

While it’s unlikely that anyone will store cannabis for four years, there are other, more serious implications that result from the experiment. The study can help scientists better understand the various cannabinoids in cannabis and how they work and could also help cultivators and suppliers better protect their supplies.