How to make pretzel marijuana S’mores at home

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This an easy-to-make cannabis recipe that will bring back a lot of fond memories

One of the delicious snacks that every child and even adults love are S’mores. In fact, it is so famous that August 10th is the day that celebrates this simple but unique creation, which everyone should try sometime in their lives. This irresistible dessert has only three ingredients: graham crackers, chocolate, and marshmallows. Although they are enough to conquer anyone’s palate, adding marijuana to the recipe is not such a crazy idea. Today’s recipe creates a perfect combination for those days when you want to get away and release some stress at a campsite.

In order to get the recipe started, get the following:

1 small pretzel
1 small square of chocolate milk or dark chocolate
1/2 large marshmallow
1/16 to 1/8 gram decarboxylated kief or finely ground decarbed hash

Once you have everything on hand, place the chocolate square on the pretzel. Place a small drop of kief or hash on the chocolate. Top the chocolate with the marshmallow half.

Place on a heatproof plate or heavy aluminum foil. Use your torch to toast the marshmallow. If it catches fire, turn it off and continue until the marshmallow is melted and browned to your liking. And presto, you can devour and leave no trace that it ever existed.

These snacks have become a staple at campfires, and this could not be different, as they were created around them. The story of this invention goes that the name “S’mores” is attributed to the contraction of the words “some more,” as you will always want to eat some more s’mores if given the opportunity. Adding cannabis to the equation will undoubtedly give you a unique level of experience.

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