How to incorporate cannabis into yoga and meditation programs

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Adding marijuana to wellness routines offers substantial benefits

Both yoga and cannabis are proven and effective ways to relax the mind and body, facilitating a calm and mindful serenity. In recent years, many yoga practitioners have found that combining cannabis with yoga amplifies the benefits of yoga. Many have begun to call this combined practice “yogis,” and although it seems to be a simple thing to do, it is important to consider how to incorporate the plant into these meditation programs to get the most out of it.

Try to start doing yoga with cannabis at a slow pace. It is well known that cannabis has the ability to bring your body to high levels of relaxation and tranquility, so it is best not to get into a physically challenging exercise that can be somewhat dangerous. Hatha or Yin are the slower yoga practices, and these are the ones you should consider whenever you want to bring marijuana into the equation.

While trying new things in life is always a cause for nervousness, try not to let this be the case. Yoga is a meditation process that requires a relaxed environment, and that goes beyond the physical, as the mentality plays an important role. If you are in doubt and you are nervous, seek help from professionals or websites that will give you a more appropriate recommendation when it comes to doses, for example.

If you want a cannabis yoga experience with amazing results, make sure you choose the right strain of cannabis product. For this, you can look at terpenes and use them like people use essential oils. Terpenes are natural aromatic hydrocarbons located in essential oil plants. It is said that the strain of cannabis that contains a floral aroma is the one that tends to relax even more, which can enhance the overall experience in every yoga session.