How to have a great Halloween session with cannabis

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A number of Halloween-themed accessories are available to enthusiasts

Halloween is probably the scariest night of the year. It has been celebrated for thousands of years and has its origins in the Celtic community of Northern Europe. Celebrated at the end of October, by that time, marijuana lovers have usually already harvested their cannabis crop. It’s a great opportunity for marijuana lovers of all kinds to celebrate Halloween with cannabis-themed recipes and activities.

A Halloween party is the perfect occasion for marijuana aficionados. You can dress as you please, make all sorts of edibles and snacks that might not stick as much for other times of the year, and enjoy the festive atmosphere with plenty of marijuana.

Halloween is a night when you can push your imagination to the limit and seek maximum fun with minimum moderation. Marijuana is a great addition to a fun night out and, when consumed correctly, can help make your Halloween party a truly special night.

Any marijuana-themed Halloween party can really use a few marijuana edibles served responsibly. If you want to avoid a party where everyone is lying down from over-medicating, think about dosing your cannabis edibles properly and making sure everyone knows which edibles have marijuana in them and how potent they are.

Attire is also a key part of this celebration. A cannabis Halloween party would not be complete without Cheech and Chong making an appearance. This is a funny idea for couples considering this is the most classic stoner duo in history, so be prepared to get very, very high.

Many people make pumpkin jack-o-lanterns for Halloween. You, for your part, can try making a small bong out of a pumpkin. You need a pumpkin with three holes in it—one for the bowl where you will burn your cannabis.

Another hole to put your mouth in to inhale, and a small ‘breathing’ hole on one side. If you’re going to burn some marijuana on Halloween, do it in style.