How to get rid of a marijuana hangover

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If you consume too much cannabis, it’s easy to counter the effects

There’s no need to regret a pleasant night full of marijuana that you shared with your friends. But it can be regrettable if you don’t know how to cure the inevitable marijuana hangover. Experiencing these symptoms can make for a bad morning, but there are several ways you can get through it and feel effective relief.

If you wake up with a dry mouth and throat, a stuffy chest and stars in front of your eyes, you’re probably experiencing a cannabis hangover. Your day doesn’t have to be completely ruined. You can cure a marijuana hangover if you are committed to doing so.

Before you start the rest of your day, wake up every cell in your body with a cold shower. This may not sound pleasant, and it probably won’t be. But water brings all the cells in your body back to life. It will encourage a surge of energy in your body and get oxygen flowing back to your brain.

Then spend constantly hydrating with orange juice or cold water. Drink a large glass of orange juice every couple of hours or any other smoothie or juice you love to drink. No matter what it is, it will soothe your sore throat, chest pain and fill your brain with everything it needs to function properly again.

If you woke up with a marijuana hangover, commit to not consuming any related products during the day. If you smoke, you will lack the energy for the rest of the things you have learned so far to cure your hangover. Be strong; you can do it. If necessary, hide your supplies somewhere or just give them to a friend.

For some, putting your head back on that comfy pillow may be the key to minimizing the effects of a cannabis hangover. Take a nap and then go about your business as if nothing happened.

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