How to get ready for a marijuana getaway

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It’s not too early to start thinking about a spring break vacation

As marijuana becomes increasingly acceptable across the country, it is creating a new market for marijuana tourism. People are venturing out to areas they never visited before in order to check out new marijuana products, services or venues, and there are a few locations that stand out above the rest.

One is Salem, Massachusetts. Amongst the backdrop of witches being burnt at the stake, Salem has turned into an eclectic town with a large variety of popular attractions for travelers. There are, of course, a number of dispensaries to visit while checking out the sites, but Salem is much more than just a marijuana destination.

California will always be recognized as a marijuana pioneer and nowhere is this as evident as what is found in LA. There are hotels with dispensaries in the lobby and hotels with community vaporizer rooms and even private lounges where you can stop in for a day to enjoy your favorite strain.

Maine’s Auburn/Lewiston area is about to start offering recreational marijuana sales. However, possession is legal. This means you need to bring your own (don’t try flying with it), but seeing the beautiful outdoors, and staying at the boutique cannabis hotel Maine Greenyards, are something you don’t want to miss. There are a number of unique shops and bars that make the area a rising star among tourist destinations.

There are obviously many places you can visit on a vacation, but marijuana enthusiasts will find a special appeal in these destinations, able to participate in their favorite pastime while checking out the awesome surroundings.

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