How to find a good budtender in Vegas

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Working with qualified marijuana experts is paramount to finding quality products

The explosive growth of marijuana across the U.S. has helped give a substantial boost to local economies. Instead of having to fight for just a few federal dollars, more states are taking in millions through marijuana and are able to create their own futures. As the industry continues to expand, however, there is a need to ensure that those individuals involved in the sale and distribution are providing quality products and that they’re properly educated on the subject.

Las Vegas is about to see the largest dispensary open in the city on November 1. Planet 13 will be a marijuana superstore with 112,000 square feet of retail space. To put that in perspective, the average size of a Walmart Supercenter is 179,000 square feet, but the retail giant provides virtually every product imaginable.

Planet 13 will have as many as 275 employees (Walmart’s average – 281). This means that the store needs to have a lot of marijuana experts and it needs them quickly. In sourcing the best budtenders – whether it be for a large store such as Planet 13 or a small dispensary, there are certain traits that should be considered.

In Nevada, agent cards are a requirement. They’re needed by anyone who plans to work in the marijuana field. If there’s no agent card, stay away.

Look for individuals that have gone through formal educational classes. Trim Ready is an independent cannabis education facility that will give anyone a strong foundation upon which to build his or her cannabis career.

Age can make a difference. While anyone wanting to work in the industry must be 21 years old or older, chances are good that those in their late 20s or up have some experience already under their belt. If the experience isn’t completely tied to the marijuana industry, they will certainly have experience in areas such as customer service and sales, which will help facilitate a smooth transaction that provides you with the products you are looking for.

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