How cannabis is impacting five industries

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A mutually-beneficial relationship is being developed between cannabis and several markets

When the world looks back at 2018 and 2019, people are going to refer to the period as the marijuana era. As more states and governments around the globe continue to break away from the misled belief that marijuana is harmful, Mother Nature’s wonder drug is gaining steam and will soon be found in virtually every industry known to man. This development is proving to be mutually beneficial for cannabis and, in particular, five industries that have now seen a huge boost in activity.

Agricultural technology has dramatically increased in the past couple of years and this is only the top of the iceberg. The 2018 Farm Bill is going to pave the way for a much wider expansion in agricultural innovation and the entire farming landscape is going to be altered.

The medical industry is being turned upside down. Not only is cannabis replaced lab-created chemicals, but the instruments that serve the medical industry are changing, as well. Vaporizers, oils, tinctures and more are forcing changes on almost a daily basis in regards to how the medical industry operates. Nanotechnology related to delivery systems has changed how doses are administered, which is making the medical marijuana industry safer.

Consumer products are evolving faster than most people can follow. Creams, skin care products, clothing, edibles, beverages – the list goes on and there is literally no segment of consumerism that won’t be impacted by cannabis.

One of the most important aspects of the marijuana industry, and the most difficult to manage, is finance. Banks are still not willing to work with marijuana companies out of fear of federal repercussions (although one credit union in Alaska is trying), but there is a safer, faster, more efficient alternative. Cashless payment systems, including those that use cryptocurrencies, are helping to improve the cannabis ecosystem and allow the marijuana unbanked to be banked.

There is no limit to what’s possible with marijuana and how it can help not only provide relief to a growing number of health issues, but also to stagnant economies that have been looking for a much-needed revival.