How beginners can start consuming properly to maximize marijuana’s health benefits

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Getting into cannabis for its health advantages doesn’t have to be a daunting task

Marijuana is a plant that is known in a thousand ways and even if you have never smoked it, you have probably heard of it and seen its iconic shape on thousands of occasions. To truly appreciate and enjoy marijuana, you must first have a solid foundation of knowledge on which to build your experiences. If you’ve ever been curious about cannabis and how to consume it, a beginner’s guide might give you the basic answers you’re looking for.

The biggest concern with consuming marijuana is that most people do so by smoking the plant. Inhaling any kind of smoke affects the body negatively, especially the lungs and heart. For this very reason, many people prefer herbal vaporizers, electronic vapes, or marijuana edibles, which allow you to consume without inhaling smoke.

Cannabinoids, and terpenes found in marijuana, are the main active compounds that have psychoactive and medicinal effects on your body. The two main cannabinoids are THC and CBD. THC causes psychoactive effects (it gets you high), while CBD does not have these effects.

Both cannabinoids have medicinal benefits. Most strains can be differentiated by their THC and CBD content. Some strains are high in THC, others high in CBD, and some have a balance between the two.

Dosing cannabis can be tricky as the effects usually reach a peak and consuming a higher dose does not necessarily increase the effects. This peak is different for each person and depends on the body’s metabolism, the composition of the strain and the amount consumed. Start little by little to find the point where you have more control over your dosage and consume responsibly.

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