Houston, TX, gets its own cannabis-friendly restaurant

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Wild Montrose offers a unique cannabis-infused dining experience in Texas

The cannabis restaurant business is being a revolution worldwide, where hundreds of professional chefs are being encouraged to use the famous plant in their recipes. This trend has been taken advantage of by a restaurant in Houston, TX, which is friendly with all the culture related to marijuana. Enthusiasts can go and find exquisite dishes infused with cannabis.

It is becoming more and more common to see people of all ages consuming marijuana in public, and more and more countries are becoming encouraged to legalize it, showing endless opportunities for culinary businesses. Houston is a huge city and residents have a wide variety of food options to satisfy their cravings. However, the game has now changed, with a new menu where cannabis is one of the main players.

The landscape has a new look thanks to the opening of Wild Montrose. This fine dining restaurant is opening its doors to locals and visitors looking to try the city’s first cannabis-infused dining experience. Following legalization, hemp entrepreneurs and cousins Adyson and Andrew Alvis saw an incredible opportunity and so they decided to bring this project to life.

Both are the minds behind CBD coffee shop and dispensary Grinder’s Coffee Bar at West University and the inaugural Wild, a Balinese-inspired upscale coffee shop, bar and lounge. Wild Montrose has now become the latest testament to the cousins’ ability to take cannabis to the next level.

For this latest endeavor, they joined forces with Houston-based executive chef German Mosquera, a seasoned veteran of the city’s hospitality scene. They all share the idea of innovation, and that’s why the partnership has been a perfect fit.

With the Lone Star State regulations in mind, Wild Montrose can legally use marijuana products that stay below 0.3% Delta-9 in both its beverages and food. Instead of leaving high, customers will leave with a satisfied palate.

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