House Republicans continue to block marijuana reform, say it causes violence

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Legislators on Capitol Hill ignore scientific data as they prevent federal cannabis changes

Even though research to the contrary has been published, a major House Republican caucus continues to maintain its opposition to cannabis, claiming that the plant is linked to suicide and violence. This opposition to federal marijuana legalization was expressed through a recently released “Family Policy Agenda.” Two members of this same group appear to be out of line with the criticism of cannabis.

A total of 156 members make up this Republican Study Committee (RSC), which released the agenda late last week. In it, they specify ten ideological principles and more than 80 legislative recommendations “to guide conservatives’ work to restore the American family.”

Three out of four House Republican lawmakers are members of a section titled “Protecting Children from the Dangers of Drugs.” According to this group’s criteria. cannabis is still prohibited before the federal framework, but that has not stopped more states and localities from giving free rein to its consumption due to different reforms.

The report says that actions such as these have made marijuana use among children much higher, having a highly negative impact on their health. These data are contradictory to different studies that show that cannabis use among minors decreased or remained stable after the implementation of legalization.

Still, the group would hope that Congress will not legalize marijuana and will take action to restrict the ability of this new industry to harm children. Two lawmakers appear to think differently than the 150-plus members of the chambers, as they voted in favor of a Democratic-led comprehensive marijuana legalization bill in April. Both Brian Mast, a co-chair of the Congressional Cannabis Caucus, and Rep. Tom McClintock say reform is needed.

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