Hot Toddy, Gin Sour with a cannabis twist for the cold weather

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These easy-to-make recipes are great for the cold winter nights

As cannabidiol (CBD) becomes more popular, so are the recipes of food and drinks that are prepared with this ingredient. For this cold weather, and for a good night entertaining friends during the holidays, these cocktail recipes with CBD-based infusions can really set up the mood for the night. CBD-infused Hot Toddy and Gin Sour are on the menu for this year’s festivities.

CBD-Infused Hot Toddy

For the ingredients:

-1.5 oz brown liquor (brandy, whiskey, rum)
-1 T honey
-1 T lemon juice
-1 C hot water
-1/2 C CBD-infused herbal tea
-Optional, a garnish, lemon wedge a cinnamon stick or star anise.

For preparing this cocktail combined all the ingredients together in a warm mug and then add the garnish of your choice (if desired).

CBD-infused Gin Sour

For the ingredients:

-2 oz CBD-Infused Gin
-2 T lemon
-2 T honey syrup

For the preparation of this drink, the gin needs to first be infused by shaking it every few minutes, combining half of a gin bottle with the same CBD-infused tea in a container. As the tea tends to infuse fast, two hours is more than enough time, and it should not be for more than a day. To make the drink, combine the now CBD-infused gin, lemon and honey syrup in a shaker and add ice (two-thirds of the container). Shake well and use a chilled cocktail glass to serve, it can be garnished with star anise, as well.