Hood River Hotel and the future of marijuana tourism

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The Oregon hotel is embracing the state’s progressive attitude toward cannabis

Oregon is one of the most liberal states when it comes to marijuana and is often seen as the model for marijuana legislation. As the state has developed itself with marijuana as an integral part over the years, cannabis is now permeating into all sectors and can be found virtually everywhere. One hotel, the Hood River Hotel, in the city of the same name, has become the epitome of Oregon’s acceptance of cannabis and is embracing the plant in ways many hotels choose to avoid.

Hood River is following in the footsteps of its sister properties, Jupiter Next and the Jupiter Hotel. It offers a “Tokin Around the Gorge” package that includes a gift certificate for a $50 purchase at Gorge Greenery, as well as rolling papers, lighter, a hemp wick one-hitter, a stash bag and coupon for a 10% discount for an in-store purchase. It includes virtually everything needed to explore the area’s outdoor beauty. The one item not included is the cannabis itself, since public clean air laws prevent guests from smoking on the property.

That limitation hasn’t stopped travelers from specifically choosing Hood River because of its offerings. According to the venue’s GM, Jeremy Duncan, “During the summer peak season we have guests from all over the country and internationally who may not have booked because of our package, but add it to their reservation on arrival.” He adds that guests who choose the package “are blown away how awesome it is, and how frustrating it is that their state hasn’t approved recreational [cannabis].”

He adds, “Ultimately, at this point, we want the best experience for our guests within the sandbox we can play in. With federal prohibition and current consumption laws it will be difficult to fully promote and take advantage of what we have to offer, but once that obstacle is gone, the opportunities are endless.”

The next time you’re in the area, which is worth visiting with or without cannabis, you might consider the hotel’s accommodations.