Homemade marijuana S’mores are an awesome treat

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The popular treat gets an upgrade from the infusion of marijuana

Another week has gone by and this Friday is bringing along the best and easiest recipe for the sweet tooth. As an improvement to the traditional and delicious S’mores, today’s recipe is taking this sweet treat to the next level with the addition of marijuana. This is a great way to finish a meal, lay back and enjoy the relaxation and effects that will come after you enjoy these amazing marijuana S’mores.

Marijuana-infused S’mores

Servings: Just one
Preparation time: 20 minutes or less


-2 graham crackers
-One piece of chocolate of your choice or it could also be a teaspoon of Nutella
-One large marshmallow puff
-Approximately one gram of marijuana – the strain of your choice – grounded until turned into a fine powder.


First, take one of the graham crackers and spread a layer of either chocolate or Nutella on it. Once evenly spread, add one gram of the powdered marijuana you had ready on top of the chocolate or Nutella spread on the cracker. Then, add the marshmallow puff right on top of the ground cannabis and finish off the S’mores sandwich with the second graham cracker. Put it in the oven and let it toast for 5-7 minutes at 300F. If you want your treat to be ready right away, and without the hassle of using the oven, you can also put in on the microwave for 30-45 seconds (depending on the microwave).

As an additional note, remember the texture and consistency of the graham cracker can be altered by microwaves; it will still be good, but sometimes it can get yucky. Also, if you choose chocolate over Nutella, remember to melt the chocolate first so it can be easily spread.