HomeLab by Seedo: Anyone can now grow their own hydroponic marijuana

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Innovative cannabis kit allows you to easily grow your own supply of hydroponic medical marijuana

If you don’t have a green thumb and every plant you try to grow withers and dies, there is a new product that is perfect for you. It will allow users to grow, among other things, their own medical cannabis in a fully automated device that is as easy to manage as planting a seed.

The device, HomeLab, is being introduced by Seedo, an Israeli startup that creates home grow labs for medicinal herbs. It has partnered with Cannabics Pharmaceuticals, a US-based company that develops anti-cancer treatments using cannabinoids. The device uses a number of sensors, as well as artificial intelligence, to cultivate marijuana “from seed to harvest” without any human intervention.

To use HomeLab, all that you have to do is place the seeds in the device, select the type of plant that’s being grown from the accompanying Seedo smartphone app and close the door. HomeLab takes care of the rest. Sensors will manage temperatures, light cycles and even nutrients, and the app will let you know when it’s time to harvest your perfect plant. Making the device even cooler is an internal HD camera that lets you see what’s going on inside the device without disrupting the plant’s growth.

Seedo CEO Uri Zeevi explains, “Seedo is hermetically closed, so disease and pests can’t get to plants when they’re inside (the unit). You just leave them alone. The plants are saying, ‘Don’t bother me; I want to grow!'”

Eyal Barad, CEO of Cannabics Pharmaceuticals, asserts, “This initiative will enable patients and eventually businesses to take control of their medical cannabis supply in a revolutionary manner. Seedo’s high-tech devices and Cannabics’ capabilities will support the sustainable delivery of the right form and quality of medicinal cannabis.”

The first devices are expected to be released during the early part of next year.

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