Higher education expands on marijuana training courses

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Universities and colleges are quickly adopting programs to support the growing marijuana industry

The marijuana industry needs more employees. The quickness with which the industry has grown has created a shortage of trained individuals to fill key positions and, as things continue to expand, this situation could possibly get worse. Now, colleges and universities across the country are tackling the issue, introducing courseware designed to support the industry and create a professional and academically trained workforce.

Michigan, New Jersey and Pennsylvania are just a few of the states that have introduced marijuana courseware. Beyond marijuana, though, the material covers topics such as pharmacology, chemistry and others, and students who complete programs can go on to find lucrative jobs in the marijuana industry. Pennsylvania’s Jefferson University even offers a course that provides the country’s first master’s degree in cannabis studies.

Elsewhere, Vermont, Connecticut and California also offer their own courses. The University of California, Davis has an undergraduate course on the physiology of cannabis, as well as a new graduate course on Sativa. The University of Vermont’s College of Medicine began offering medical cannabis courses that became so popular, the school had to find larger rooms for its classes.

There are also courses for the law fans. The Mortiz College of Law at Ohio State University offers marijuana-specific courses, including its “Marijuana Law, Policy & Reform Seminar” series.

Marijuana is filling a void. Not only is it helping to provide relief to hundreds of thousands of individuals suffering from an array of health issues, but it is also helping boost an economy that had become relatively stagnant in the past several years. A solid education is going to be the foundation for that economy.

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