High Times is back in Colorado with the People’s Choice Cannabis Cup

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Cannabis enthusiasts will be able to weigh in on their most popular cannabis products

The High Times cannabis brand is well-known among enthusiasts, as it was one of the main sources of information for all things cannabis and has been delivering information for years. The company is also the creator of the world’s first and largest cannabis judging competition, the Cannabis Cup, which is coming with a new edition to Colorado. High Times has announced the Cannabis Cup People’s Choice Edition for consumers across the Centennial State but in a safer way, given the current circumstances regarding the coronavirus pandemic. The public will now have a chance to judge the coveted Cannabis Cup without leaving home.

This cannabis festival dates back to 1988 when it launched in Amsterdam. Since then, the High Times Cannabis Cup has been the largest cannabis festival there is. As a way to compensate for the large events that were once set up as two or three-day festivals, the brand has created this extension of the event so consumers can make their opinions matter from the comfort of their own homes. The format for this event will give Coloradans the unprecedented chance to taste 28 different strains that come in a one-ounce box and judge them against each other so the best strain can be selected.

The People’s Choice Cannabis Cup already has a site for registration for those interested in participating as a judge. There are several categories included, such as Flower (Sativa, Hybrid or Indica), Pre-Rolls, Concentrates, Vape Pens, Topicals/Tinctures/Capsules, and Edibles. To achieve this event, High Times is partnering up with The Green Solution that counts with 21 licensed dispensaries spread across the state. The company will assist in receiving, over 75 pounds of cannabis flower and other products across two locations in four days, so they can get into people’s hands.