“HiBnB” is the cannabis ecosystem’s response to AirBnB

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Cannabis enthusiasts have an easy way to find marijuana-friendly vacation spots

For a long time, cannabis tourism was synonymous with visiting some illicit cannabis-producing region or visiting some city where the use of small amounts of cannabis is allowed. All that changed with the new regulations: cannabis tourism no longer includes some adrenaline-fueled and paranoid excursion to a clandestine grow but the possibility of visiting big cities and using cannabis openly, or staying in places that allow the use of marijuana, such as luxury hotels. HiBnB has become the answer for many marijuana enthusiasts looking to enjoy a vacation their way.

HiBnB is a portal with some similarities to the AirBnB application but with cannabis in the equation. It is about temporary rentals between individuals with the premise and attraction that marijuana can be consumed. As if that were not enough, it also offers activities and a guide to buying cannabis legally.

Aimed at those who choose a more intimate experience when traveling, HiBnB is a portal with great options for cannabis vacations. Born last year in Canada, HiBnB combines the option of renting a space with the philosophy of the Couchsurfing site, which invites strangers to host and stay in other strangers’ homes without monetary exchange.

On the same portal, you can also access a complete activity search engine that includes everything from bike rides to improv classes to naturopathic doctors. While most of the activities are cannabis-friendly, such as a one-hour master class on cannabis butter extraction, there are also “mainstream” options, such as going to a nature reserve with guides who don’t object if visitors use cannabis during the ride.

“Traveling doesn’t have to be about taking a vacation from the rituals and lifestyle we enjoy at home. You’re also not going to have to store anything or cross borders with marijuana. You won’t have to look for a dispensary when you arrive.” proposes HiBnB’s official website when describing the idea behind the system.

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