Hexo’s stock could become a billion-dollar winner for investors

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Analysts believe the company’s solid position and growth will lead to a massive explosion

For those investors who are looking for the next big upside in the stock market, there is one cannabis company that might do just that. Hexo Corp is not a giant cannabis stock compared to other competitors, and it is valued at only $400 million; however, the company’s business strategy is taking Hexo to walk a unique path.
This differentiates it from the rest and, over the next several years, Hexo could be worth more than ten times its current value. This equates to massive returns for investors that can be patient.

Amid all its ups and downs, the marijuana industry is booming and will only get bigger.
Even though Hexo was also a victim of the tough 15 months that crushed the cannabis stock market – it ended up losing 50% of its value – this drop in the stock price can be seen as an advantage for investors right now, and it can certainly reward investors for their patience. What Hexo is doing differently is that, instead of spending resources in growing production capacities, it chose to close multiple long-term partnerships with producers, focusing on end products like edibles and beverages, not so much in raw flower production.

For instance, Hexo partnered with Molson Coors Canada Inc. and they are now working together on the co-production and co-branding of cannabis-infused beverages for the Canadian market, which is now moving into the US market, as well. Just by signing this deal, Hexo could be looking into adding $100 million more to its total sales next year. Additionally, Hexo is working on closing a deal to work along with worldwide brands in cosmetics, sleep aids and consumables, to name a few, so its focus on cannabis derivatives is bound to take its sales in the next few years to new highs in the industry.