Hexo, Molson bringing cannabis beverages to Canada before the end of the year

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Multiple types of cannabis drinks are expected to hit the shelves

The future is cannabis, and the future is now. Two of the largest companies in their respective industries have joined forces to launch a new line of beverages in Canada, with the expectation that they’ll be on shelves before the end of the year. Get ready for cannabis company Hexo and beer manufacturer Molson Coors Brewing to have the drinks loaded on trucks and shipped to retailers by December, but don’t get disappointed by one fact – they will all be non-alcoholic.

The two companies joined forces to launch Truss, a cannabis-infused beverage company, last year. There will be “lots of different beverages” available after December 16, as soon as cannabis drinks are legalized in Canada. Says Hexo VP of Strategic Development Jay McMillan, “We’ll have a very large supply so we’ll be in a good position to be able to meet the demand of the marketplace and at the same time also ensure that we’re meeting the variety that the marketplace wants.”

Truss will offer cannabis-infused water, a “beer-like” cannabis drink, possibly hot beverages and more. It pays to be flexible at this time, as there is no marketing or statistical data that can be used to gauge which products may or may not be successful.

Canada is making preparations to legalize cannabis beverages, edibles, vape pens and more in December, but will take baby steps into the market. Cannabis-infused beer and wine, for example, cannot be marketed as beer and wine. The marketing gurus are already working on alternatives, and will have everything in place before the launches begin.