Hew Hampshire lawmakers working on marijuana bill for next year

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2023 will bring additional changes to the cannabis industry in the US

The New Hampshire House of Representatives appears to be having a bipartisan union on marijuana issues. Both Republican and Democratic leaders indicated yesterday that they have joined together to soon introduce a bill seeking to legalize cannabis for next year’s session. Industry stakeholders and key advocacy groups are no doubt backing these bipartisan efforts.

Legislation seeking to make way for legalization is being sponsored by Minority Leader Matt Wilhelm and House Majority Leader Jason Osborne. The proposal would allow adults 21 and older to give away and possess up to four ounces of marijuana. Also, it would be possible to grow up to six plants (three of which could be mature) for personal use.

After the mid-term elections held a month ago, Republicans maintained their lead in both the House and Senate. The latter chamber is precisely where the biggest obstacle has been evident when it comes to cannabis reform in past sessions.

In fact, after receiving the go-ahead in the House, the Senate killed the hopes of two bills earlier this year. Among these was one that provides for commerce under a state model and another that would have created a non-commercial marijuana program.

While it is estimated that the next session could be under GOP control by similar margins, the Senate saw some changes that may prove favorable for reform. Key opposition pieces have now been replaced by marijuana advocates, which could be crucial in making a joint decision. Overall, the developing dynamic has left advocates feeling extremely encouraged, indicating that 2023 could be a positive year for the Granite State.

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