Here’s how to travel in California’s cannabis-style

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A trip to California isn’t complete without checking out the state’s cannabis sites

In early 2018 California became the ninth state in the country to start the recreational use of cannabis and the tourism sector has since not missed the opportunity to generate profits. All around the Golden State, rooms and consumption “resorts” are being created to increase tourism and plant lovers are finding their ideal place. Simply put, leisure travelers seeking sun and fun can schedule cannabis-friendly destinations and activities into their dream itinerary in this famous state.

Inndica is a cannabis-friendly travel booking platform. Its CEO, Monique Jackson-Fitzgerald said California is “cementing itself as a true cannabis vacation destination. We’ve seen a noticeable increase in travel planning lately.”

In Northern California, for example, there is a plethora of 420-friendly destinations. Visitors to Humboldt County’s Lost Coast and small towns like Mendocino and Guerneville can increasingly find “420-friendly” bed and breakfasts, something that was once considered underground. Cannabis farm tours and marijuana-infused wellness activities are now a reality in this region.

Mine+Farm Inn is one of the busiest places in Northern California. It is a beautiful property surrounded by nature, especially for those looking to escape the hustle and bustle of the city. In addition to organic breakfasts with ingredients from local farms, guests have the opportunity to arrange a tour of the cannabis farm.

Higherway Travel is a great opportunity for those coming to California’s Central Coast. Co-founder April Black has been organizing cannabis travel tours and special events since the early 2000s. Custom events are also available to meet any demand, such as bachelorette parties, weddings, birthdays and group travel.