HempBox Vending brings marijuana vending machines to Florida

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Marijuana vending machines continue to branch out across the US

The marijuana business has reached a new level. Now its consumers can buy it in vending machines, something that a while ago would have sounded far-fetched to many. These so-called “cannabis kiosks” are high-tech and, like any machine of this type, have an integrated autopayment system. Florida has joined the trend thanks to a partnership between Weedsies Mobile and HempBox Vending Inc, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Hempacco.

The alliance has unveiled Weedsies Vending, a service capable of selling gummies, cigarettes, wraps, and other cannabidiol (CBD)-derived products in wrapped vending machines throughout Florida. Online cannabis platform Weedsies already has plenty of experience in the market, offering ice cream truck services that sell CBD, hemp, tinctures, vaporizer gummies and other cannabis products throughout South Florida.

HempBox Vending wants to leverage that experience to provide customers with fully-wrapped vending machines and RFID-tagged product dispenser boxes. The Real Stuff Smokables, Hempacco’s iconic product, will be one of the few products available at the kiosks. Advertising and distribution contracts will be handled by Weedsies Mobile. The company will also manage partnerships with new locations and develop additional strategies to expand distribution.

Several other states have implemented these services in the past. For example, in 2020, startup Anna implemented a project in Colorado to allow consumers to purchase cannabis from vending machines scattered throughout various dispensaries in the state.

The variety of marijuana-derived products it offers is huge, with up to 2,000 different ones: cannabis flowers, edibles, beverages, balms and oils for vapers, etc. The company itself claims that it is the best way to buy what you clearly want, without having to wait in line.

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