Hemp-infused beer is coming

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1840 Brewing Company is ready to introduce the hemp-infused craft beer

It’s fitting that a craft brewer in one of the most recognized beer locations in the U.S. would begin to explore the possibility of offering hemp-infused beer. 1840 Brewing Company in Milwaukee, WI is behind some of the most unique flavors of ale – Caribbean Sea Foam Fruited Sour – and is now testing the next big thing in beer.

The company’s owner, Kyle Vetter, points out that tests are currently being conducted on five-gallon test batched of hemp-infused beer. They’re primarily using hemp seeds and cannabidiol (CBD) out of Wisconsin and are also hoping to experiment with honey from hives raised on a hemp farm.

Vetter explains, “We’re constantly trying to experiment and do different things to achieve fun flavors and colors, so when hemp became something we could play around with, of course, we wanted to do that. We’ve been using a lot of different products to see which flavors and aromas and other things we can get into the beer by using those products.

The brewer isn’t sure when the first batch will be ready for release, but Vetter admits that there haven’t been too many challenges finding the right combination. It took some experimentation to figure out how the hemp seeds and grain would create sugar and Vetter states, “That was something kind of fun to play around with. We’re still dialing into what proportion of seeds we could actually use and still taste them.”

Once they find the perfect solution, there is still another hurdle to cross. The company has to request, and receive, approval by Wisconsin’s Alcohol and Tobacco Tax and Trade Bureau, among others. Without that approval, all the work so far could have been for nothing.