Haverhill, Massachusetts to hold zoning law vote today

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The city is expected to rule on retail marijuana zoning this evening

This evening, members of the City Council in Haverhill, MA will finally make the final decision on retail marijuana zoning in the city. Following the city’s decision, three companies that have already reached agreements with Haverhill’s mayor, James J. Fiorentini, will be able to schedule their public outreach meetings, which is the next step in the application process.

The city council has been debating the subject of retail marijuana for the past several months. Getting a little anxious, three companies signed agreements with Fiorentini last December in anticipation of tonight’s vote. These include Full Harvest Moonz, CAN Stores and Stem.

All three have already selected their locations, as well. Full Harvest wants to open its facility at 101 Plaistow Road, Stem has chosen 124 Washington St. and CAN Stores has its eye on 558 River St.

If granted licenses, the stores would find their agreements valid for five years. All three stores have already agreed to pay a Community Impact fee, which amounts to 3% of the gross sales each year for the five-year period. In addition, each store must make a $25,000 payment annually. That money will be given to charity. CAN and Full Harvest have opted to allow the city to determine who will receive the contributions, while Stem will split two-thirds evenly between the Greater Haverhill Boys and Girls Club and Emmaus, with the remaining third being given to a charity chosen by the city.

Also as part of their agreements, each business has agreed to donate 100 hours to community service projects each year. Those projects include, among others, city-sponsored drug abuse prevention programs.