“Hash Bash” to be a hit with the cannabis community

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The first Michigan Hash Bash since recreational marijuana was legalized comes tomorrow

Tomorrow, on the campus of the University of Michigan, marijuana fans are going to get together. It will be the 48th time the state has seen the Hash Bash, which was initially begun as an effort to convince state lawmakers to legalize marijuana. Now that recreational marijuana is allowed in the state, the reunions won’t stop; they’ll just change their focus.

According to one of the co-organizers of Hash Bash and the co-owner of the Om of Medicine marijuana dispensary, Mark Passerini, “We’re going to refocus our efforts from state to federal, because federal policy needs to change. “We won at the state level, so a lot of this year’s Hash Bash will be a celebration, as opposed to the big protest that it’s been for the past 48 years, but we don’t want to get anybody too excited.”

Hash Bash is being held as the cannabis culture in Michigan has reached levels never seen before. There are dozens of new marijuana-related businesses opening their doors, especially around Ann Arbor, as well as new grows, cannabis bakeries and science labs.

Those science labs, and the warmer cannabis culture, are enthusiastically being welcomed into the state. According to Om of Medicine’s chief medical officer, Evan Litinas, “It’s really criminal that universities and health care professionals and scientists cannot touch this medication to just do science, just to study it.”

Hash Bash will run from 12 PM to 4:19. From there, attendees are invited to make their way to the Monroe Street Fair about a block to the south, which is going to be a major street party.

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