Harvest One set to become Delivra

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The cannabis company is changing its name, which will lead to greater exposure

In response to market developments, companies decide to change their image and even rebrand themselves to meet the communication requirements of their audiences. For them, the most important thing when it comes to rebranding is to have a compelling reason. The next step is to carry out a study of the company, to define what is to be communicated and what values are to be conveyed through the brand. It seems that the team managing this change at Harvest One has done just that, as it plans to change its name to Delivra now that it has received regulatory approval from the Toronto Stock Exchange.

The Vancouver, British Columbia-based firm plans to begin trading under a new name this week. The new name (Delivra Health Brands) was initially announced mid-year after undergoing several strategic revisions. Investors are actually not entirely disassociated with the new name as it used to exist as one of the company’s brands.

According to the recent announcement, Delivra Health Brands is expected to begin trading on the TSX Venture Exchange under the new ticker DHB when the markets open tomorrow. It was also made clear that a new corporate website, www.delivrahealthbrands.com, will be available tomorrow with additional information about the company and its strategy moving forward.

“The last two years have been transformative for the company as we successfully navigated many difficult challenges to reshape the company by focusing on health and wellness solutions,” President and CEO Gord Davey said in the release. The global marijuana-infused and non-marijuana-infused consumer packaged goods firm has been in the industry for several years now. Its focus is on distributing and developing health, wellness and personal care products. It does all of this through the help of its two subsidiaries, DreamWater and LivRelief.

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