Habanero pepper mouth burn? Turn to cannabis

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Cannabis can be useful in soothing more than just aches and pains

I kind of feel sorry for the very first person to ever bite into a habanero pepper. Undoubtedly, he or she didn’t know what was going to happen and I can imagine the facial contortions and screaming that may have followed. If only cannabis had been readily available to help ease the burn. After all, Mother Nature’s wonder drug is good for almost any type of pain or ailment.

No studies have been conducted that specifically indicate cannabis is a solution for mouth burn. However, research conducted 11 years ago at the University of California, San Diego led a project to test marijuana’s ability to combat neuropathic pain. In order to mimic the pain that is associated with chemotherapy, researchers gave the test subjects capsaicin – the chemical found in hot peppers that leaves most people feeling like their mouths are on fire.

The results were conclusive – Marijuana gave a modest and significant improvement to the pain, even though the study wasn’t meant to determine marijuana’s effects on mouth burn. Call it an added bonus.

Unfortunately, the results aren’t going to lead to the immediate production of mouth-on-fire solutions. Typically, the analgesic properties of marijuana don’t kick in for about 45 minutes. By then, most consumers will be well beyond the capability of coherent speech. However, as innovation continues to improve, someone is bound to come up with a solution – perhaps a little THC oil dabbed directly on the tongue would do the trick.

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