Growth investors should consider this cannabis ETF

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AdvisorShares Pure US Cannabis ETF continues to gain strength in the market

It is true that today there are many exchange-traded funds (ETFs) that are synonymous with growth. However, depending on their working model and their different holdings make the fund a bit riskier due to the exposure they have to other industries, such as cryptocurrencies, for example. That’s why growth investors may be in a safer zone if they decide to put their focus on another ETF, such as AdvisorShares Pure US Cannabis ETF.

One thing that makes this fund very attractive is that it has always held significant investments in the major multi-state marijuana operators in the country, and these companies are increasingly emerging. That’s why an ETF like this seems to be a much safer way to generate juicy returns over the long term compared to other ETFs where you are clearly rolling the dice.

Many experts today choose to go with the Pure US Cannabis ETF because, as the name implies, it focuses exclusively on the US market. In a country like Canada, for example, marijuana stocks based there have been struggling steadily to generate regular growth and some may have already peaked. In addition, many investors are paying inflated premiums for Canadian stocks, and that is never ideal.

Over the past six months, the Pure US Cannabis ETF has fallen more than 36%. For long-term growth investors, the drop in value could mean that now is an ideal time to load up on marijuana stocks. Instead of playing crystal ball and predicting which cannabis company will do better than the other, it’s much simpler to own stakes in all the major ones and invest in the Pure US Cannabis ETF.